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And I stayed awake

Does googling someone make me a stalker? If so, I am one now. I was going to go further into detail but decided against it. I googled myself (I seem to do that every so often, huh?). Turns out my results have to do with one of the following: Web design (Detroit Designs), MyPassions, SavePassions, the Nereida site, Patrick, Holy Redeemer, my scholarship, classmates, facebook friends, and two other people who share the grace of having of my name. :)

So if someone were to google me, they'd find out about my (apparently pretty public) past with Patrick [no alliteration intended there, just an added coincidence], my web design, and that I'm a supergenius [I'm a tad generous on the "super-" prefix there, but just a tad]. It makes me wonder what that person will read. Will they read my latest posts? Or will they read my entire journal, find a link to my Livejournal and read that, too, since I'm going as far as stating it holds my thoughts from as far back as high school? How far would they go? And how much would they learn? How much does my journal tell about me? One has to realize that I write what I feel, but what I write is not all I feel nor all I think.

For the past three days or so, I've experienced some pretty shitty days at Kroger. I blame the Manual (always do, even when it's not his fault; it's just easier, lol) and the deli (despite the fact I no longer work there). I could go into detail, but I don't want to. I tend to start falling asleep around this time (it's 1:44 AM), each of those stories would take several minutes to think about/write about, and I ultimately don't have the time to dedicate to them. There have been so many thoughts going through my head, they've clouded my brain and I keep replaying the same ones over and over again in my mind. So I have to let them go and make room for new ones. Not having a phone makes it difficult to discuss them. Not have the time to write makes it difficult to get them out. So I'll just list thoughts ever so briefly. If anyone wants me to elaborate on any of them, please feel free to ask me to. Long list in paragraph form coming up... now.

I need to update my journal. Check. Why can't the world see that Derek and I are right about markdowns? Why does Derek's full name have to remind me of stupid stuff? Rafael better have forgotten about the pact. Manual had better forget it too. I wish Manual and I would talk the way we used to. I'm glad Rosa and I are finally talking again. I need a damn phone. I wonder what Juanita meant when she called me at work about "lots of stuff happening." I hope she didn't move back with her dad. Can't believe Brianne is pregnant. I probably owe Manual money. I just listened to half the Jonathon recording, and I remember why I blame Manual for everything. I've got to start Alyssa's portrait. That guy was rude to Jeni. Shelly's such a tygkuhasgf. Yeah, I make up words. I shouldn't have listened to that recording. Again. It's probably going on with Corey too. I should do Robin's portrait of her and Cameren. Terry's a supergenius. I need to cut my hair. I need to listen to some educated lyrical music right now. Too many "fucks" and "damns" in that recording. I can't wait to go back to UDM. I want to limit the amount of time I see Rafael. I wonder if Derrick still goes there. I can't believe Daniel is gay. I can believe it. I wonder who Terrance's roommate will be next year. I wish Terrance would learn how to IM someone properly. It's not BRB if you don't come back within 15 minutes (unless otherwise specified). Mya has a beautiful voice. I hope Darla ate. I'm going to steal that turtle if Norma doesn't do something about his water, assuming he's a he. I need to pay for that memory card soon. I wonder if the person I googled will ever google. I wonder if I'll know who the hell I'm talking about 5 years from now. I saw Paul Thomas today; he was incognito, lmao. I love James Everly. If Anna comes to bakery, it'll be great, but Amanda will be there every two minutes. I think Amanda is loud and needs to learn to be quiet when people have customers. I wonder if that dream I had about my boss will come true. That'd be... I don't know. My mind is starting to clear up a little bit. Why does Kanye West have a deeper voice in "Through the Wire"? I hope my voicemails won't be deleted when I get my phone service back. I have them recorded on my phone, but still. I need a new job. Next week's schedule is amazing. Why the hell is Grace going to the bank with us? My mom had better not put her on the bank account. I just didn't want my mom accusing me of taking money out of her account. When I tell her things time and time again, she doesn't listen, but this. When it comes to where her money will go when she dies, she listens to "take me off the account so you can stop accusing me of stuff." Yeah, my cousin is getting my parents' money. Great. I really need a new job. Applying for random jobs isn't working out, maybe I should talk to Sr. Liz. I saw "miss" Isabel today at Kroger. Marcus needs to keep his penis in his pants and stop messing around with everyone. I miss Chrissa. I need a phone. Michael Jackson is amazing. I wonder what Peggy's been up to. I wonder what Chrissy's doing lately. What's the point of being someone's best friend for three years if the fourth year and beyond you'll only be acquaintances? I wish there was a way someone could tell me what decisions will have what consequences. "I hit you so you won't love me." Fuck you. Why do I hold such remorse for him? Can't wait for him to leave. I wish things would go back. I wish I was back in high school. Or have the ties I had. I wish I weren't so damn emotional. No, Derek can't be right and have described me to a T. He's not. I'm not calling anyone at this moment for comforting, so ha! I'm strong by myself. Mainly because I'll fall asleep, hug Cheeto, and forget about it. I don't want to go to the bank tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to Blick and get the paper for Alyssa's portrait tomorrow. I miss Eric like crazy. I need to talk to Juanita. I miss talking to Shannon at JA/La Fiesta. If I get a phone soon, I'm going to start calling her more often. I have to schedule my ultrasound for before my other appointment. No, I'm not pregnant. "well it aint n i aint that stupid if i was gonna have a baby u would have been the first to find out cuz it would be u!" Yeah, ok. I wish I could find a design job. I wish we'd talk more. Why'd I spend so much time finding Jessica to not talk to her? I should check my LJ cuz I don't know what's going on with Chrissa or Rosa or anyone else. The new Ulta needs to open yesterday. I wish he had a myspace, how sad. I can't believe I didn't call the cops when that lady hit my car. If I would've just written about my three days thing, I'd be done by now (it's 2:36 now). I need to stop telling people I can hang out with them during my vacation.

Ok, whoo! That was long as hell. Last part about my vacation. I'll post my schedule and update as necessary. I'll call it The Nereida Tour: Envision the Possibilities! To see the tour dates, click Read More.

1- Work

2- Work

3- Work

4- Work

5- Work

6- (Work?) Hump Day! Guest appearances by a Camel, somewhere. No feeding the animals, please.

7- Alyssa's FIRST Birthday! (Party!) Guest appearances by Terrance and Jeni

8- Work?

9- Beach? Guest appearances to be determined!

10- Baby Shower! (Jeni's sister) Guest appearances by Jeni, a fetus, and lots of women I don't know

11- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

12- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

13- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

14- Doctor's Appointment! Guest appearances by My Doctor! Yes! He does parties too!

15- Pre-Dream Cruise! Look for me at 13 mile and Woodward! I'll be in a Buick or Mustang!

16- Dream Cruise! (Purpose of taking vacation touring at this time) Guest appearances by Terrance, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris, oh my!

Sean's Birthday Party! Guest appearances by Jeni, Sean, and Harrison Ford (no flash photography please).

17- Church and Dinner! Guest appearances by Jesus and My Mom!

Dream Cruise Day Three???

18- Back to work

19- Work

20- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

21- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

22- Work

23- Work

24- Work

25- Work

26- Work

27- Reserve me! (Mom or Terrance takes precedence.)

28- Back to School Shopping! (5 Days to Go!)

29- Work (4!)

30- Work (3!)

31- Work (2!)


1- Work (1!)


3-30- TBD

Read more

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