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I'm a polka dot today

So here's a mini update. Terrance's mom found out we have nine snakes instead of eight. We had to give Ally away. I'm still very depressed. But the guy we have her to is the guy that originally bred the clutch that Prince(ss)was born in, and he takes great care of snakes. He's going to breed Ally. He knows we want Ally back when whichever one of us gets an apartment first. So I will have my baby back soon.

I changed majors again. Originally I went for mechanical engineering. Then changed to Elementary Education. Now I'll be going for CIS to be a web designer/ programmer/ software developer. I really just want to do the first two, but with this major I learn about the latter too. So I can find a job easier as well. I want this major. I've been making websites since I was 13, and I still love it. Half of the curriculum, I already know. And when I graduate, I'll be making 20 dollars an hour. Seven years from then, I'll be making 90,000 dollars a year. So before I'm thirty, I'll be making that kind of money :)

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