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Be forewarned, that I will be ranting.

So my mom wakes me up at nine am asking if my dad is awake because she's called a dozen times. She starts yelling cuz no one answered. I was asleep. She starts asking if my friends are more important than she is. I CANCELLED ALL MY VACATION PLANS TO STAY HOME WITH HER. I was supposed to be hanging out with Terrance, Jeni, Rosa, Juanita, and Robin. Instead, I cancelled everything and spent the week at home with her. I only went out yesterday for the Dream Cruise, which was the entire purpose of taking my vacation. So excuse me for trying to enjoy a small fraction of what was supposed to be my vacation.

Then it turns out that I requested last Sunday off instead of today, and Jim wrote in the request book, No, you're on vacation. No way? Really? Did it not occur to you that I meant the Sunday after the, for lack of a better term, vacation? Like you give to everyone else who don't have to request it off to have it off?

At least the Dream Cruise was amazing. :)

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