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I'm getting married by a turtle named fish

Reminiscing is fun until you remember the things that hurt. Rosa and I have been up for a couple hours remembering old times. Turn out I was a really fucked up depressed kid. Sad thing is that wasn't that long ago. It's funny when people think you're in a perfect relationship till they know the truth of what happened back in the day.

We've both grown and matured. Yay! Also, for the love of Pete, person who I googled: please don't read my LJ. I beg of you. At least not the beginning stuff. Or most of the middle. Just don't read it, lol. Also, random person who commented on my LJ, please don't be the person I googled.

Also, truths and metaphors: Maria said she was going to make ceviche and asked if Manual and I wanted some. Well, ceviche used to be my diet when I worked at La Fiesta. The guy made it pretty great. I don't want to taste hers because I'm afraid she'll ruin ceviche for me forever. Ceviche is pretty much raw fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster soaked in lime juice and flavored with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. I used to eat it with tostadas or tortillas. Yum. But I think I'm done with raw fish. But I do like fish. I'd like to get to know all fish though, not just that.

I'm sleepy. Rosa's messaging days are over. I get my phone turned back on THURSDAY. Count the days down with me. :)

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