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Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication

I'd die a happy person if I were to die today. I'm in love with myself, but not in an arrogant way. I just love myself. Wee! No particular reason. I just felt like boosting my self-confidence. I'm listening to some sweet oldies but goodies right now. Don't you love the way that certain songs or things remind you of certain situations or feelings? "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" reminds me of two things: 1. Situation: my first year in college/ Charlie and his "Shadow" book/ making new friends/ enriching old ones. 2. Feeling: Independence/ Rush. I love this damn song. Love listening to it while working, driving, hopping, what have you. I walk this empty street...

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and we took him to Red Lobster. The servers sang him Happy Birthday. It was so awesome, I nearly cried. I wish someone would do something like that for me. No one ever surprises me. My friends suck, lol. (Not lol, and not j/k, but still. *sigh*) I still feel bad that Eric was going to surprise me and actually celebrate my 21st. Ugh. *kicks Juanita's sister*

I have two baby showers (Jeni's sister and Lissette) and a birthday party (Alyssa is ONE! Can you believe it?!) this coming month. I hope I can go to all of them. I'm definitely going to two of them. Not sure about Lissette's. I'm going to draw a portrait for Alyssa. It'll be a good memory, I hope. And in baby block lettering at the top or down the side it can say "Alyssa" Or her full name. I can't wait to start! (Tomorrow maybe? ) I've been showing people my artwork lately and I've been inspired. I'm a bad ass artist. Shall I post some of my artwork? I shan't. Not now anyway. Good night world. Tell me what's going on in yours. :)

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