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So much to say, so little time.

Here's a mini update on my life. I can't check my flist from my phone, so please give me an update on yours. My mom has been in and out of the hospital for awhile now, at least since February; she has gone six times or so. I've lost count, no joke. She goes at the sign of the slightest cough or sneeze, again, no joke. Terrance got a new job in Southfield that pays a lot. However, he has had to stand in the rain for so many days. He went to the hospital Sunday because of an asthma attack and apparently pneumonia. He had had fevers and shivers the previous week. Eric is now in Kentucky. I miss him like crazy. I'm not getting random weird text messages, so I'm guessing he's settled in and happy. :( Bastard. By the way, I'm updating in order of my speeddial. Manual is helping me stay on my diet which I'm not really on. I owe the bank money again. Marcus called me for the first time in a gazillion years today. Juanita is going through a lot at home. I feel for her. In fact, she may move in with us to let
Her escape. (I hate that I can only type a certain number of characters on my phone!) She needs to get out of that house soon. Plus, she can help with my parents a little just by being here. We went tanning for the first time together Tuesday. If you ever want to be deaf, go tanning with a claustrophobic person lol. Tomorrow is Jeni's party. She got a new pool, and I can't wait to go! My other sister from another mister might be going with me if that mister lets her. He'd better! Finally,our 21st birthday drink lol! Robin's party is coming up too. I don't really want to go because it's going to be clubbing and drinking, and I'm not into all that. I might just go for a bit and leave, especially if I go with Brat (Juanita). I don't know what's going on with everyone else, but here's me. I got a job offer yesterday, and I'm excited. I'd be doing practically the same thing Terrance does, but in Taylor and possibly for more money. I can't wait to leave Kroger. I'm working a 46 hour week right now and for the

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